let’s go!

August 27th was the big day…leaving my family to come to Georgia for training camp. After an emotional Sunday morning saying goodbye to church family, I was pretty anxious about coming to training.

I wasn't so sure what to expect. I expected a lot of sitting & listening to talks & basically just to be spiritually prepared for the 3.5 month journey we're about to embark on. I was nervous to say the least.

But when my team all arrived, it was like we knew each other already. A lot of my nervousness was washed away by that alone. It is truly amazing how the Spirit of God makes friendships so deep at such a quick pace.

Then, about 30 minutes after arrival, they told us to get 3 things from our bags and that was what we had for the rest of the night. We were then given 2 tarps & some rope to make our shelter for the night. (we got creative  & used some nearby cinder blocks, too)

All 7 of us slept in there. It was actually pretty fun! We all survived 🙂

The next day, Tuesday, was spiritually intense for me. We had to think of all of the unnecessary baggage we were carrying around & write it on logs. We then carried the logs on a hike and at the end, we surrendered them to the Lord. This was extremely physically and emotionally draining ffor me. But God was faithful & he spoke to me through the words of other people that I was exactly where I was supposed to be & that I was wanted here.

The next couple of days were just SO uplifting after that & I seriously did not know I could develop so much love for these 6 other girls in 3 days, but I have!

We've seen God move so much these past few days & I'm SO excited to see Him do abundantly more in Thailand!!


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