Restoration is defined as, “the process of repairing or renovating a
building, work of art, etc”. During my time here at training camp, the
word “restoration” has been coming up over and over again. While being
prayed over many times, it seems that the Lord is trying to tell me
something. He is calling me by name, “Torie, come to me. Rest in my
arms my dear beloved child. I want to restore you”. Just like the
definition of restoration, we are His work of art and he wants to
repair us. The Lord wants to take away every wrong, every sin, and
every hurt. How cool is that? The Lord of the universe wants to repair
and redeem us. He wants to make us new every day and He is faithful in
doing so. Even cooler is that the Lord will go to the ends of the
Earth for just one girl. That’s what this trip is about. We have each
been called by name to be restored in Him. After receiving such a
blessing we run to the ends of the Earth to share what our amazing God
has done. We are traveling to Thailand to tell these women about a man
that will no longer break them down and hurt them, but make them new
and clean. A verse that speaks to this is “to give them a crown of
beauty instead of ashes” Isaiah 61:3. What a beautiful picture this
paints, our God the King of Kings wants to give His princess a crown
of beauty. He loves us all so much and He is so faithful. Not long
ago, I was struggling with the concept of redemption. I couldn’t
understand how God just erases our sins that are as red as scarlet and
makes them as white as snow. During worship the other night, a verse
from a song really stood out to me. “You give beauty to our ashes, and
a hope that’s everlasting. The past has been redeemed, now forever we
will sing”. I can’t think of a better way to sum up what summer in
Thailand has in store for us all.

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