I can Only get Better

I'm very nervous but excited for Thailand, I'm actually kind of scared of what God's about to do in my life but I'm trusting Him to take me through, and I'm wishing somehow God will make the plane land in Africa instead of Thailand, I don't even care if it isn't Uganda I just want to be back on African soil.

I want to be back in Africa so much I've even thought about sneaking into the cockpit and overtake the two pilots and start flying the plane. The only thing wrong with my plan is I can't read the instruments… and would end up crashing – maybe…

However, even with all these thoughts, I believe Thailand is where I'm called for a short time. Hence why I'm going… You see, I didn't choose this trip, God did. I really wanted Immersion (a 9 month AIM trip), but that's not what He wanted and since He has all my heart, I go where He goes…

For almost a year, God has told me I need to be vulnerable. What does that mean? I'm still figuring it all out, but basically He wants me to share all my heart with whoever He places in my life – the happy, sad, ugly, etc. I've found that this is very difficult since sometimes I don't even admit to myself some of these emotions… so I'm learning vulnerability starts with me and Jesus…

I want to tell you what I hope to make this blog about in the coming months:

I want to be personal and real. I want to tell about what's going on in my life while sharing my raw emotions. I want my posts to have meaning and purpose deeper than just a story that has little to nothing to do with the Kingdom. I want to share my insecurities as well as my strengths and my failures and triumphs. And most importantly I want to share what God is teaching me and changing in my heart.

So, there you go, my vision for this blog. I'm learning and will get to that point. I have to start somewhere, and in the wise words of Timothy from The Odd Life of Timothy Green "I can only get better".


Please be praying for me and my team we leave on Monday the 27th for training.

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