Little Texas


All anyone could say about my upcoming trip to Thailand was that it was going to be a "life changing experience". After hearing that about 100 times, I became numb to not only the words, but also the idea. I knew that I was about to undergo something incredibly new and different, but it was more of a concept rather than reality.

After a forty hour travel period, reality soon began to set in. With stomachs stuffed full of airplane food and exhaustion way past setting in, an eleven hour bus ride was not sounding too tempting. However, when a double decker "party" bus with purple curtains, blue and green fluorescent lights, and neon panda seat cushions came pulling up playing American pop music the enthusiasm quickly came flooding back.

When we finally stopped for lunch the realism hit. Besides the flies and mystery meat, lunch came with little struggle. It wasn't until I was refused bubble tea because the woman working the stand was unable to understand me that I realized I was no longer at home in little Texas.

Getting used to the Thai culture and trying to remember to watch where I put my feet, not to point, how to fold my money, definitely not to call people over with my finger, and overcoming the language barrier will be challenging, but with continuous support and fellowship from a group of women that I already feel I can call family, I cannot wait to see where all God leads us on this journey.

After already seeing The Lord do amazing things through the incredible selection of every single one of my teammates, our leader Kelli, and our wonderful and spirited contact Emmi I cannot wait to see what else He has planned for the rest of our time here in Thailand. I am truly beginning to acknowledge the feeling behind the only words that anyone could seem to find to describe this adventure.

As we begin working in our different ministries within the next few days your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I speak for all of us when I say that we are all ready for the greatest "experience" of our lives.


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