We have arrived!!!

Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,

After 60 plus hours of flying, waiting, driving, and waiting we had finally reached Phuket. We were extremely blessed in Bangkok to have been met by members of YWAM  Thailand to take us to the bus station. Out contact from SHE met us at the bus station and all 22 students and 3 leaders have safely made it to SHE with all of our luggage, praise Jesus!  We are looking forward to meeting with Mark, Sharon, and Amanda (our ministry contacts) to see what our ministry day will look like here and we are eager to get started and see what the Lord had in store for us. I am so excited to watch your beautiful daughters step into more freedom and healing during this trip.  I am also excited to see them emerge as leaders and to see these ladies step out in boldness to share a message of love, hope, and healing with all those we come in contact with. I have a feeling that these girls, myself, and my fellow co-leaders are going to look different when we come home because of all the Lord has done through and in us when we arrive back in the States. 

Thank you do much for your continued prayers and love while we are in field. 

Love always, 

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