Make him recognize me

Make my face familiar, make my voice familiar, make him recognize me. 

Bar ministry has not met any of my expectations. And thank God for that. I've realized that my expectations for working in the bars were extremely narrow. I intended to show love and share love with the women being sold. But God intended more for me. God intended for me to make an impact on the women but he surprised me with his insistence in making an impact on the men. 

The women are slaves to others' desire
The men are slaves to their own desire

I began to notice that I did not need to do much more than to make my presence known for hearts to start changing. Jesus uses me as a reminder.
As I walk down the bar street I always say one simple but world changing prayer: (it may seem odd, but I urge you to consider the impact) 
God please let these men recognize me
Let them see their wife
Let them see their daughter
Let them see their granddaughter 
Let them see their niece 
Let my smile remind them of their mother
Let my laugh remind them of their sister 
Make my being strike such a familiarity in their hearts that they begin to wonder why they are doing what they are doing
Let my resemblance to the women in their life be enough to make them uncomfortable 
May my smile and soft greeting be enough to strike a change in their hearts
May they see themselves worthy for love that has no price
May they feel you God, you and your unconditional, non condemning love.
Use me as a messenger. 

As long as we are willing to show up, God will take it from there. 
Don't underestimate the power of God, a simple smile from your lips can be transformed into a moment of change. 

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