Who Knew….?

Who knew that digging and hoeing at a clay mountain in the heat of Thailand, with wonderful teammates would bring so much joy and laughter to my heart?

Who knew that people I have only know for a few weeks, would encourage me and pour into me more than some people I have known for years have?

Who knew I would begin making long-lasting relationships with so many wonderful women of God in such a short amount of time?

Who knew how much, slushies, ice cream, French fries, and toasted bread with sugar and butter would comfort me here in Thailand?

Who knew the very interesting things I would be eating here, before I even eat them?
Who knew just how much more I would fall in love with my Savior and Lover of my soul while being in Thailand for a few weeks?

Who knew that I was going to have more of my gifts and desires revealed during this trip?

Who knew that I would see so much of the Lord’s beauty in the ocean, sky, stars, people, of Thailand?

Who knew just how much my heart would break when I walk down Bangla and see the corruption and darkness there?

Who knew my breaking points of this trip before I even come to them?

Who knows what is coming up next in the remainder of my time in Thailand?
            The answer to all of these questions is the LORD!!! He knew all these things were coming to pass, and He made all these things come to pass in His perfect timing. He knows what my next steps are because He has already ordered them!! He has already written my story and He is revealing it to me page by page. I seriously can’t wait to see what else He does while I am Thailand; He is up to something HUGE!!! He is going to do what only He can do!!

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