Never Have I Ever: Travel Edition

My friend Melissa just got back from the World Race and I so enjoyed reading her “Never Have I Ever” blogs that I figured I’d steal the idea.   We’ve only been here a couple days, but I’ve already seen so much that I’ll write one now and then maybe another later!

Before this trip, never had I ever:

– been so blessed by a conversation with a stranger on a plane

– been judged in German- apparently they really hate the American girl’s chacos 🙂

-had foreign Mcdonald’s- fulfilling every stereotype and increasing the Germans’ disdain for us

-slept in an airport terminal

-“showered” with baby wipes in an airport bathroom

– flown in a double-decker plane

-ridden for an hour and a half in the back of a pick-up truck on the highways of Bangkok

-seen such disparity in wealth- shacks made of tin sheeting and recycled billboards only 10 yards from multi-million dollar resorts

– seen a cow curled up in someone’s front yard like a dog

-been stared at by so many people (25 American girls tend to draw the eye)

– slept on the floor of a Thai bus station

– stood in honor of the king at the same bus station- “The king is a great man.”

– ridden 12 hours on a double-decker bus with neon lights, curtains, a lot of Rhianna mixed in with some
Thai pop music, and a Thai version of the Office which involved machine guns and a lot of screaming

– seen my feet swollen to twice their normal size from so much travel and sitting… super lame, friends

-not showered for 4 days- I have discovered that dread locks could easily be accomplished in my hair

– rejoiced in a cold shower in a tile room with no curtain- so refreshing!!!!

– thrown my toilet paper in a trash can- don’t be grossed out- I haven’t braved the squatty potty yet!

– played frogger in real life- gotta catch those buses

-waved down a bus for 20 baht (about 60 cents)

-seen so many motorbikes!  Guys, I’m buying a moped.

– seen chickens and roosters running up and down the streets

-gotten a full (very good, very spicy) meal for 40 baht (a little over $1)

– bartered like a pro at the night market and gotten a lot of super cute stuff for almost nothing

– gotten lost in a taxi bus at night with a driver that speaks very little English- with no idea where our house is… Jesus worked it out!
More adventures to come!

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