“No no you dont understand..”


On Valentines Day my team and walked the streets of Bangla Rd. handing out valentines we had made for the girls we had gotten to know over the last couple of weeks. My first stop of the night was to give Ale her Valentine. As she saw me approach a smile spread across her face and she yells “A lek A lek” as she comes to give me a hug. Since this was our first stop of the night we didn’t have any heart stickers yet. Ale does the honors of making sure we don’t leave with out the Valentine spirit. She walks me to the exit and right before I leave she takes a pin she was wearing that said, “love” on it. She then pins it to my shirt. I said, “I love you!” she responses, “No no you don’t understand I love you so much!” my heart does a flip.
Today her response has got me thinking: how many times do I yell out to God “I love you!” As if He doesn’t show me how much He loves me each and every day? God’s response to me so many times is “No no you don’t understand I love you so much!”
“The LORD loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love.” Psalm 33:5
It says it right there is the Bible that the earth is full of his unfailing love yet I have to be reminded time after time.
Like in the story of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33). Jesus calls Peter to walk towards Him. When the wind begins to blow Peter gets scared and takes His eyes away from God and begins to sink. More times than I could count on my hands and toes have I taken my eyes away from Jesus and forgot how much He loves me when things get hard or overwhelming. I begin to focused on things of the world. I let worry over take my mind, wondering what my next step will be. Then when I can no longer do it on my own I call out in desperation “I love you God!” and He responses “No no you don’t understand I love you so much!!!”
Amber reminded me this week that God is saying in so many ways that He loves us. That are response to God should be “I love you too” not “ I love you” because God has already said I love you.

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