Thailand is for lovers…of Jesus.

On my flight down to Atlanta, Georgia from Flint for training camp before leaving for Thailand I met a man. My seat was in between two brothers flying to LA for their aunt’s funeral. Their original flight was cancelled due to a plane malfunction so they were rerouted on my flight to Atlanta.

We began talking and I shared with him that I would be heading to Thailand on a mission trip in a few days. His response was, “For GOD?!?” To which I replied with a firm yes. He started screaming Hallelujah and Praise Jesus and Thank you Father. Mind you it was 6:30 am and most people on the plane were hardly awake.

During the flight we discussed theology, healings we’ve seen, miracles, and shared stories of people we’ve seen come to Christ. It was such a divine appointment and I was super encouraged.
As we landed in Atlanta, our plane was stuck behind another plane and we weren’t able to get to our gate. We sat and sat and sat. We waited and waited and waited. People were starting to get impatient but this man and I kept chatting. Then he turned to me and said the most simple, yet so meaningful thing I’ve heard in a long time…
“You know you are in the right place when things start going wrong.”
Think about that for a second. That statement hit me hard. It’s so true. Every time we do what God is calling us to do the enemy gets mad and wants to stop us. It’s when God’s got big things in store that the enemy wants to get us down.

Just yesterday I was prayer walking with my team and was feeling really discouraged and attacked. I got home to find that another girl was feeling the same way. We prayed it off of us. That night we each had a great divine appointment with girls in the bars. I was able to meet up with a girl that I have been forming a friendship with and she was able to minister to a girl before she headed off to work.

The enemy knows when to get us down but I love that our God is greater and He is stronger. I want to encourage you that when things get tough to remember that when you are doing God’s will and following His plans for your life, He is greater and you are in the right place. 

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