Oh, Thailand

First off, I know that I said I would blog once a week and I failed at that horribly. Sorry. But I just feel I should write one now. 🙂

   I just haven’t found a way to write what I have been feeling, I could tell you about the heat (sweating by the gallons), or how interesting the food is here, or how the people at the tea stand down the street are absolutely amazing and some of the most generous people I have met.  But I really want to tell you about the ministry I am doing.
   Let me just start off by saying, never in my life did I think I would be able to say, “I have been in over 7 bars in two weeks!!” I mean what the what?!? But the Lord had different plans, I am have been going into open bars on  playing connect four and jenga, and jackpot(a fun dice game), and banging nails into a tree stump for fun, as my ministry while building relationships with these girls; on one of the spiritually darkest roads in the world , Bangla. I can’t even explain to you how outrageous this road is!!! You see lady boys (boys raised to be girls), you see flyers for ping pong shows (live sex shows) everywhere you turn, you see drunkenness in full blast, you see men that are not only looking for sex, but for meaning in their life, you see families (yes, families with husband, wife, and children). You see signs for Husband Day Care, you see glass boxes where women dance, and you can clearly see these are dead on the inside. And you see women that in this industry, because they don’t see how they can make money doing anything else.
    Now, let me tell you something to walk into some of these bars and to see the look in these women’s eyes and you see how they long for someone to be their friend and to care about them, it is something, you will see. These women are not only women living by themselves most of them have children!! One lady I encountered was telling my team about her family and then it was time for here to go dance on the pole, and you could just tell in her eyes, that in no way shape did she have a desire to be up there. But as she went up there I looked at another bar girl, and the longing in her eyes to hang out and play games with my team, was so amazing to see. This only one instance of how you can see the pain and longing in their eyes, and we have something they may not even realize they want or need, we have Christ!! We have a light that radiates through us that no darkness can ever cast out. We go down these roads with joy, and love and hope for these women, and the Lord is using us to show these women His heart and affection for them. And all we are doing is playing games and building relationships, and asking to spend time with them when they are not at work. Geez, the Lord is up to some big things!!!
So if you could continue to pray for Bangla and these people on the road and my team, it would be greatly appreciated.  I will blog again soon, hopefully.
– Love, Brittany

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