That place

  I never would have thought I would be playing a drum, helping lead worship for a group of people. 1.) because I don't play drums and 2.) I don't have any rhythm or sense of timing for that matter. I'm always that one odd girl in church who always claps off beat. 
But there I was banging on a drum, playing my heart out and worshiping God with literally everything. I was conscious of the drum and trying to focus on staying on beat. Well then the Spirit fell down in that room and my emotions were shot. I was crying, and my hands were going without me thinking about them. I got to that place. You know that place, when you're so high on God that you are in your own world and nothing else matters. Or maybe sometimes it's that time when you're singing a song to God and you truly…mean it.  Well I had both of those occurrences and it was beautiful. Trust me, it wasn't me playing that drum anymore, the Spirit had my hands. 
   The before affect of "that place" is that like Jeremiah in 20:9 where he explains that holding God in is like a burning fire in his bones. And then the after affect is that like in 2 Samuel 6:16 when David danced before God, bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. 
  I love that place, I desire that place, pure God is that place. 
Thank you, Daddy, for pure you, and continually and freely offering more of you, to girl who can't clap on beat. 

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