One last Phuket Adventure

          We had simple instructions from our leaders, Natalie and Andrea, to be in our room and ready to leave at 12:45 this afternoon. We were all a little peaved about their secrecy but played along in order to humor them. We were then delivered a four notes with instructions that only Mary was allowed to read. The first one said to get to Phuket Town (about 20 minute bus ride) and to open our next “clue” upon arrival. Well, this came with some rules. One being I had to wear a blindfold the entire way. Gabby couldn’t speak. Mary was the only one to read the clues. Shelley was the only one who could ask for directions. And Kim led me. We were amused and stumbled our way into Phuket Town. When we got there, the next clue said that we had thirty minutes to pretty much do what we did on our first night in Atlanta. Pray and hope that God led us in some direction. We ended up in a temple and then continued to walk the streets until we stopped for our next clue after thirty minutes. We had to pray over a Thai person (with their permission) for healing, give 100 baht they gave us to someone we thought needed it, and then interact with a foreigner who isn’t Thai, offering prayer. As we stood, looking around wondering what to do, we saw a Thai girl literally at the table behind us who appeared to be sleeping. We though what the heck, lets ask about her. Mary approached her mother and we were shocked as her mother motioned that not only was she deaf, partially blind, and mute, but also a cripple. I could have cried right there. We talked with the mother in broken English and then offered to pray for her and she was very excited for us to. I was almost in tears throughout the entire prayer because of the timing of this situation and the opportunity we had. We prayed, said goodbye and walked away. Gabby and I both broke out in tears about two blocks away because we were so humbled by this girl and her mother. We knew we had to go back. SO we walked back, had more small talk, gave the girl our 100 baht and prayed again. Out loud. Almost yelling. Voices cracking as we fought back tears. Overwhelmed at where God had let us. The girl simply looked into our eyes with the biggest grin on her face. We all admit, we wanted to see her stand up and walk away. We wanted her to speak. We wanted her to see. But we weren’t blessed to see the healing take place. But this one we gave to God. This women, Ju, and her daughter, will continue to be prayed for by us and all of you who lift them up. I am convinced that this girl will walk again, that the shields will fall from her eyes, that song will flow out of her mouth, and that birds will sing in her ears. But this time, I have to simply trust that God has her in his hand.

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