Our God

This past week my team and I spent some time prayer walking at a Buddhist temple on the island where we are now living. As I prayed, God asked me; “Why do these people worship Buddha?”
I thought about it. Well, they desire good luck, a longer life, or a better future and hope that by their works, they will please Buddha and he will grant them a better life next time around. There is little hope to be found in Buddhism.
Then God asked; “Now, why do you worship me?”
As I thought about my answer to this, I began to praise God. I worship you, Lord because you have been faithful. You saved me. You love me. God I worship you for your amazing, beautiful creation. I praise you because you made me. I worship you day after day because you are always there for me. I praise you because you hear me, you listen to my cries and you answer my prayers. You speak to me. You are here with me. You are my hope.
The huge difference between the God I worship and Buddha, is the fact that our God truly is God – He has the power to answer our prayers, He made the earth and everything in it – and Buddha is just a statue – he can do nothing, he did not make man, but rather is made by man.
Our God is WORTHY of worship!

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