Drowning in His glory

I have finally made it! I am at training camp, preparing myself for the spiritual battles to come in Thailand.
The second night at training camp, I had a strange but vivid dream. I am floating in an open ocean, rather drowning in a rolling ocean. There are others around me but I am vaguely aware of their presence, just peacefully sinking into the water. The swells are getting larger and moving around me more rapidly. Just as I began to sink below the surface I catch a glimpse of something just as a swell rises. I strain to stay above the water with curiosity. And without warning there is a ship sailing right for me. It’s a magnificent ship, with flowing purple sails and a gigantic cross is erected in the middle. As I focus more I finally see Jesus, in all His heavenly glory, is standing on the ship holding His hand out to rescue me.
What a beautiful illustration of Christ’s love for us, not only is He reaching His hand out to rescue us from our drowning, He searches for us in the middle of our own despair.
Being here at training camp, I have finally reached out my hand and allowed Him to rescue me from my hopelessness. This monster I have been battling with feeling unworthy finally feels manageable. For the first I have had the thought that I do deserve to be on this mission team, because I have redemption and value in the eyes of Christ. And because I have that security, I can go forth and tell women halfway across the world that my Jesus ADORES them.
“Oh, the Lion of Judah’s thundering deep roaring down the walls of fear in me and from deep inside this battle cry, You roar.”
Only because of His glory,
Justine Williams

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