Reflecting back (VIDEO!)

I can’t believe that we have been in Thailand for a month.  

I have been reflecting on the last month and all that God has been teaching us and stretching us while here in Thailand.  It’s crazy how he puts you in a pressure cooker of growth when you go on trips like this one.  As I pondered what God was doing I watched a video we made as a team introducing the girls to the world.  As I watched the video and they answer the questions of what they want God to do while they are here in Thailand.  I am left in amazement as I realize God is fulfilling those things!  

It’s crazy how we can look back and see God’s finger prints on our lives.  It’s crazy that even after one month those finger prints are every where!  We are growing individually but also as a team.  I love what God is doing!

Watch the video.   I can’t wait to do an update so you can just see what God is up too.










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