Wholly Surrendered.

Sweetly broken, wholly surrender. // Y’all God is good and I am so excited to share with a sweet story of His redemption.

So, my last blog was about the brokenness I saw and felt in the Red Light District. If you haven’t read it yet I would encourage you to do so before reading this blog. It is called “Sweetly Broken.” If you have read it, here is a sweet story of redemption to follow the story of pain that came with our last trip to the Red Light District.

As we sat in the tuk-tuk (taxi) I did not experience the heavy feeling I had the previous time, I went into the Red Light District EXPECTANT that God was going to show up and HE DID!

When we first got there I could still sense the brokenness and physical see the dirtiness of the place but I did not allow it to take hold of me. I prayed for strength and courage and that’s exactly what I got. We met a few women and prayed with them then crossed the street and saw a woman sitting on a bench alone, she was so beautiful. She had on a cute outfit, her makeup was done and her hair was curled. Then I got to talk to her and could sense her inner beauty, which blew me away even more.

We are still in the learning process of how to have good conversation, the things we can say and the things we should avoid but my translator, Waew, told me to ask questions and have conversation before offering to pray so that’s what we did. I asked my new friend what she was doing there and she said the massage shop she worked at closed down so she had to work here to get money.

That’s something you expect to hear but the weight of the words when they are spoken out loud always hit you.

I then asked about her family and she pulled out pictures and showed us her daughter who recently got married. We got to talk about the broken relationship between the two of them for a moment.

When I looked up I noticed a man was sitting there staring at us as we were talking to her. We couldn’t figure out if that man was her pimp or a customer but anytime I would look at him I felt uneasy so I prayed for him. As he got up to walked away Lexi looked at me and said “I prayed he would leave.”

I wanted to pray for her. So I asked Waew to ask if we could pray for her but she told me to tell her about Jesus first. So in the simplest way I could I explained the message of the Gospel to my new friend. Then Waew spoke the Gospel to her in Thai and looked up at Lexi, Kayla and I and said “She wants to accept Jesus into her heart.” So we placed our hands on her and she went from being our new friend to our new sister in Christ.

That moment was amazing! I got to experience the miracle of redemption right before my very eyes. That prostitute said enough is enough and decided it was time to come home. After praying hard for the women in the Red Light District Jesus answered our prayers! He finishes what He begins.

We said our goodbyes, exchanged contact information, prayed with our new sister and she told us she would come to church the next day! We were so overjoyed that she got up and was walking away from prostitution that night. She told us she didn’t want to be there anymore and wanted to go home!

On our way to church the next morning we found out that she would not be joining us for church because she ended up getting bought by a customer after we left. That was a little bit disappointing but then I remember a simple illustration that my team leader shared with us at the beginning of the week.

We are all popcorn kernels. When we accept Jesus into our hearts we are popped into popcorn. Popcorn that has been popped can never be turned into a kernel again.

Just because my new sister did not come to church doesn’t mean she is turned back into a kernel. We don’t accept Jesus into our hearts and stop every bad thing we are doing immediately. Now that we are popcorn God has to season us! He will work on our hearts and call us away from the things of this world. I have faith that He is still working in her heart!

I would love for you to join me in prayer for my new sister, pray that God continues to shape her heart and that she can find another form of work. Pray that she knows that her past does not define her and that love cannot be bought. Pray that we can build a relationship with her. Also, pray for the girls who are still resorting to selling their bodies and the men who feel the need to buy them. God is working here and we can’t wait to see Him continue to change hearts!


With Love,





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