Remember Nhu

Remember Nhu takes girls that are at risk of being trafficked, as so many here are, and places them in a home to love them, care for them, give them food, shelter, and education before they can get involved in sex trafficking.  I heard somewhere that 90% of girls that are rescued out of sex trafficking go back to it, because that’s all they know. So Remember Nhu is preventing girls from ever getting involved in the sex trade to begin with.  They have homes in a few different countries.

The past week we have been working with this organization. Me and Katie
have been staying at one girls home outside Chiang Mai, while Liz, Amanda, and Kristina
are at another.  There are around 30 girls in each home and we have been able to go to sleep with them, wake up
with them, eat with them, play with them, pray with them.  It has been
such a blessing to me. I seriously love these girls. Thai people are super loving and sweet. I have been trying to serve these girls and the house parents at this home, but they make it so hard. They will hardly let me sit on the floor, or take my own plate to be washed, much less wash it myself.  They serve and they serve and they serve, and it’s just part of who they are. I am trying to learn from them.

This past week I haven’t been sleeping too well. I get in bed at night thinking I’m going to pass out because I am so tired at the end of each day (actually I’m typically pretty tired about half way through), and end up laying awake because I cannot stop thinking about these girls around me, and the people here and their lives. And then, I wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake for at least another hour…just thinking about these girls! One night it was actually because the girls started waking up at 2:30 am….TO DO LAUNDRY!!!! I don’t really know why they needed to do it in the middle of the night…my inability to speak Thai makes it kind of hard to figure those things out…but a couple woke up at 2:30, did their laundry, and went back to sleep.  And then a couple woke up at 3 and did the same thing, and still around 4 girls were still getting up to do laundry. Not to mention all of them did this without alarm clocks…I don’t get it.

Anyway I am so so thankful for my time here in Thailand and at this home. We still have 2 weeks here, and I am going to be heartbroken when we have to say goodbye. I absolutely love these girls.  The thought of any of these precious girls having gotten stuck in sex slavery is awful and disgusting and makes me all the more thankful for this ministry, and the fact that they will never have to know the pain and despair of the sex trade.

I am humbled by the opportunities the Lord has given me here and the things I have been able to see.  I am so undeserving of ministry and of representing Christ here in this world. He has blessed me more than I would have imagined and I am constantly thanking Him throughout the day. God is so so good. I love Him.

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