Playing Hide and Seek with Passion (photos)

Because this is my second training camp as a Passport participant my prayer throughout this week has been “God, please block my memory from last time.” God has been so faithful and though I have still remembered things from last year I couldn’t necessarily predict what was next.
Though I counted down the days, I wasn’t excited about this season of my life in Thailand and didn’t feel very passionate for the trip. Or at least that’s what I thought.
Tuesday night worship was rough for me. As we sang, I thought, “How can I worship, and say ‘[God] have Your way.’ When I really don’t want what Abba is giving me?” I also was still wondering if God was going to take this trip away from me like He did with Africa in the spring and Immersion (AIM’s 9 month trip) back in July.
That night during worship I had three wonderful women prophesy, encourage, and challenge me. In that God told me I am where He wants me, am worthy of all He wants to give me, and He’s not taking this trip away – meaning I am going to Thailand.
Awesome, right? That night I could fully engage myself to the Thailand team and trip without fear. But it didn’t give me passion or excitement…
Wednesday morning, I woke up excited: for the day, to go to Thailand, and to be on this team. Fast forward to last night, I was talking with my teammate, Autumn, who told me how before the trip, she was challenged by the passion for the trip I expressed for the trip on Facebook and such. What?!?! Maybe behind all my frustrations, hurts, wants for a different trip, and half-hearted obedience was real passion.
Here are a few pictures from this past week!

Allison – our team baby

Writing blogs

Our team's vision painting

Left to right: Gloriel, Radha, Autumn, Kendra, Allison,
me, and Kristen (our amazing leader)

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