Uncomfortable Joy

Training camp has been this really uncomfortable, sweaty, sleepless, joyful, incredible, moving, and amazing struggle.  Although the training is constant and everyone is exhausted from anticipation, sleeping outside, and travel, there is so much joy and worship of what is to come.  I can see this vision of evil fleeing from the light of God that goes before us.  I am walking down Bangla Road and I lift my hands and can literally push out the evil.  God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love (2nd Timothy 1:7) and we are to walk in obedience with that weapon of love.  Every evil, injustice, and fear will be cast out of the heart when it is surrendered to the King.  Speaking out our surrenders has extreme power; our words have authority because God breathed them into us, just as He breathed the earth and heavens into existence.  I am in awe of what God has given and entrusted me with.  I cannot wait to get to Thailand!!!

Our team mural and vision for Thailand.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful sisters that were chosen by God to walk this journey of justice and freedom, just as I was.

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