Revival? Yes Please

Our team has been praying for a revival on Bangla Street.  As we walk the street every day and see so much darkness we constantly are asking God to change that place in a massive way.  The other night our team of intercessors prayed for joy and laughter as well as a revival.

Ask and you shall receive…right?


As our night neared the end on Bangla, God did just that. My team and I were walking by a bar with a live band. They announced that they were about to play a Britney Spears song and of course I wanted to stay and listen. We stood outside the bar as they played a Journey song…not Britney. But we stood there and a man from Africa approached us and asked if he could buy us a drink.
We told him we didn’t drink. A rare response for someone at a bar. But he offered to buy us a Coke. We accepted. Then another team of our friends joined us. He bought them a Coke.
Then he asked, “So why don’t you guys drink?”
Enter Jesus.
One girl responded, “Because we love Jesus!”
Yes please. He proceeded to explain to us about how Jesus saved his life and showed us his gunshot wounds. We talked about the last supper. We danced and danced and proclaimed Jesus’ name and his goodness on the street. People stared. We didn’t mind. We keep dancing and proclaiming God’s goodness.
I love seeing how God is always working even when sometimes we can’t see it or feel it. He is always there. And God used my team and I to proclaim his name on the street of a big ole red light district. His name is worth shouting out and dancing for.


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