Same City, Two Different Worlds

How can there be so much darkness in a city that has so much beauty?

As we’ve been doing afternoon bar ministry and prayer walking the red light district, it’s hard to ignore the dark feeling the area has. It’s hard to ignore the white males sitting in the bars waiting for the night to begin. It’s hard to ignore the girls setting up the bars knowing their night is going to be terrible. 45 minutes away from the heart of Chiang Mai we were able to see God’s amazing light and beautiful creation.


A few days ago we had the wonderful opportunity to go to a real natural playground. The nickname “sticky falls” is a perfect match for these waterfalls. With three different levels we were able to climb up and down the refreshing water as our feet literally stuck to the rocks because of the limestone they were made out of. Nestled in the jungle all you could hear was the rushing water and our conversations about the beauty of it all. It was amazing to see all that God had created. I could picture Him looking down and smiling at us as He watched us laugh and build memories on His playground He build for us.

It was refreshing to be in a place with such life. Our hope is to bring even just a glimpse of light into the darkness with God by our side as we walk the red light district each day.

Please pray for our team as we start evening bar ministry tonight. Pray God will show us how to be that shining light to the people we meet.

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