Satan Get Behind Me

Everyday we are put through strenuous measures until we are completely exhausted. Whether it be working on the farm which we do everyother day or going out on Bangla Road. It's kind of crazy because the whole trip I have had a really sour attitude about going to the farm. we spend the entire time raking brush and vines and burning it then we rake some more and burn some more. I constantly quetion why they wouldnt just burn the whole field so we wouldnt have to rake it every stinken day!  When I found out that tuesday was my lucky day to go work on the land i was less than excited, especially given the experience we had on Bangla Road the night before.
 When we went out Monday night the tension and pressures on Bangla Road were outragious. If felt like little bugs and creepy creatures were surrounding us trying to latch on to our skin but were unable because of the layers of protection we have prayed over us. The new curfew that the police are enforcing of 2 A.M. made it so important that more and more of the girls would be bought to make up for the loss of money they are used to making, and we could feel it.
We walked into the first bar and talked to a new friend named Mon, within ten minutes she was sold and left the bar. We pressed on anyway and told Satan that he cant win. We went to the Pinky Bar and met Oin, who within fifteen minutes was sold also. Discouragement was creeping in big time so we stopped and prayed as a team. We kept saying, "satan get behind us, you have no place here," and we felt a lot better, and encouraged! We found small things to find joy in, such as the once again empty box hanging above the russian bar!
Then Satan took it to an all new level of hurt and evil.
We went to see my beautiful friend Gov, she and i have connected perfectly since the moment we met and i truly love her with all of my heart. I was so looking forward to seeing her because we had plans to meet for lunch lastweek and she called to tell me she had a customer. We then made plans to go to the beach Sunday and once again she had a customer. Just to know that i was going to get to see her this night was so awesome and lifted my spirits. We got to her bar and she was sitting with a Sweedish man… I walked up and interrupted their conversation to ask if she was ok and to tell her i loved her and she just looked at her bar owner and all she told me was, "I really have to get this costumer. I cant talk to you." It took everything within me not to break down right there and just cry. I just wanted to steal her and show her what life has the ability to look like.  As we walked back to leave broken hearted, my team mate Austen told me that I am not alone, Gods heart is breaking for His baby girl too. Please pray for my sweet friend Gov.
Knowing that the next day would be farm day i just felt even more crappy, but Jesus really spoke to me when i worked. He asked me if i see the bugs crawling all over Alexas legs, and if saw the thick sheet of dirt all over Austen. He asked if  i was getting annoyed by the hundreds of vines all over the ground that tripped me with every step, and to all of these my answer was yes. Jesus then showed me how on Bangla Road Satans nasty little demons are trying to kick up dirt to choke us. God showed me how the devil has sent his slimey serpents to crawl at our feet to try to trip us and get us to fall on our faces. Yahweh took the time to give me this tangible example of what we experience at nights, then he showed me how once we rake it all up and burn it… ITS GONE! Jesus said that if we are strong enough to make it through the spiritual warzone called Bangla Road then we need to quit being babies and get the work done, trudge through just like we do at night! After the King of Glory telling me that i found a bit more joy in working!
With God on our side there is nothing that can stand in our way, not having our friends sold and definetly not stinken old satan!

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