The enemy is losing his grip!

        Our house is near the Bang wad dam here in Kathu and today for those of us that were left at the house we went prayer walking to the dam. As silly and frivolous as this may seem it is something that is desperately needed.
            You see there is a shrine on the side of the mountain overlooking the dam. For years the young people were sent here to have sex because of the favor and fertility powers that this shrine had. About 6 months ago they started sending teams to do prayer walks on the dam. People began to notice that there weren’t really people at the shrine any more and the young people had stopped coming. When one of our contacts asked a local why this was she said that about 6 months ago the shrine stopped working and lost its power!
            Wow! My mind was blown! To see how God is working in this nation of darkness just sends me weak in the knees with a smile on my face. It was such a cool experience to be able to pray there today. To pray from a place that God was already claiming victory over to plead for the hearts of the nation is just so empowering and humbling.
            God has brought us here and enabled and entrusted us with being able to be a part of his mission for Phuket, Thailand. There is still so much darkness in this place but the power of the Lord is evident even in the smallest of things. We can have faith that our God is the conqueror and has and will overcome all things and WE as lowly as we are get to be a part of it!
            Thank you Lord for calling us here and allowing and enabling us to be a part of your vision for this place. I pray that your blessings continue to flow over Phuket and Patong and Kathu and that your presence be with us as we go out tonight to minister to the people you have lined up for us tonight as we walk onto Bangla road!

The View from the shrine 

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