the lion of Judah

Well, we've been so incredibly spoiled to be able to call this bowl of trees and streaming water our home for the past four days. To be raw and real, I've been absolutely dreading training camp, but the Lord has taken a chisel to my heart and I'm desperate to spill it out.

The first night we arrived, we sang a song that the Lord fed to our worship leader in a time of darkness and rejection:

“The lion of Judah's thundering deep, breaking down the walls of fear in me. From deep inside this battle cry you roar.”

Every night since, we've repeated this verse over and over, and with each cry, a fire and passion has sprouted and taken over the chambers of the sanctuary and the chambers of our hearts. Mmm. We get to declare this battle cry to the enemy for the places we're going before we even board our planes. I believe whole-heartedly that the king is going to be breaking down walls of fear in us and in the people of Phuket before we even arrive.

One thing He assured me of last night was that He calls our team “The Courageous Ones.”
He's given us a purpose, and now we're just trusting that He's got some insane plans.
He's told me that He's renewing me for this trip.
He's told me that He's seen my future, and if I keep trusting Him, I get to see what He does. Geez!
He's so real.
He's so good.
He's so right.
And He's faithful to the end.


So, if you're wondering in the world to pray for, feel free to jump on and pray this prayer with us:


Will you help this team to accept all that you offer, to hear all that you speak. Will you give them vision over your plan, and bring a boldness and a courageousness that is powerful enough to start the rain in a drought. Will you show this team your vast affection and pursuit. Will you give them the faith to sing out a battle cry over Thailand. Will you drench them with words, that they can speak the words of Isaiah 62:4 to the women of Phuket, Thailand. Will you even bless this team in their sleeping so that they can bless you in their waking!

All of this in and for your name and glory.

Amen, so be it.

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