The Love of the Father

Well, I made it safely to Cambodia. There has been no natural disasters. Yet.

Remember Nhu has been great so far. At first I came into it with a bad attitude. We live in an extremely small space. We are always surrounded by kids. When we wake up they are there, when we eat dinner they are there, we have to go to bed early because of them. But eventually it wasn't all about what I was giving up; It became about the hurt and pain they must feel because they are separated from their families. What they gave up and what they give up everyday because their families cannot afford for them to live at home or the fact that its not safe for them to be at home.

It’s their school break now until the 19th. Most of the girls have gone home. But some can’t. Some are forced to stay and hang out with us while the rest of them go visit home. Sai Genn is one of them. She is the little trouble maker of the clan. She always gets teased by the other girls. She doesn't have straight teeth. She had to cut herhair off because of lice. She wears hand-me-downs. She’s almost an outsider. She doesn't fit in. It is so easy to have the desire to push her away when she wants to sit on your lap or hug you. She is always loud. She is very clingy. But Sai Genn needs love just as much as the other girls, maybe even more. When she laughs, I am reminded that she is just a kid. She has been through so much. More then I can imagine. She has such a carefree giggle. You can’t help but smile when she gets on her uncontrollable fits. If the only thing I do this month is make sure that Sai Genn is loved and feels loved then I have done my job. God’s love is so perfect. If I can pour out just a fraction of that love on Sai Genn then I will have reached my goal.

Love you all


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