Real Life Update: Attention Supporters and Families of Participants!

We are excited for the teams who will be launching on the 19th and on the field for over four months! There are five trips launching out on three continents. And we are excited for you to be able to be a partner in the development of these young adults. They will need all the encouragement and support they can receive, because there is difficulty in the process of initiation through the situations and circumstances that arise. We would like to ask that if you support a participant, whether family, friend, or supporter, that you would continue to pray for each participant of the team and that you would also make time, once a week to read each blog post and make a comment as well. We believe that each comment speaks life over the participant, encourages them, and pushes them toward more dependency on God. And your continued prayer, covers them from the attacks of the enemy.
If you think you are up to the challenge, feel free to visit the other four teams as well and follow their blogs as well. The more time and energy you give, the more invested you become in the initiation process and the more that these participants benefit from your support. 
*If you would like to follow some of the other blogs, follow the links on the photos and they will direct you to the corresponding team. 
:Other January 2011 Trips:


 India (Andhra Pradesh)



Again we would like to thank you for your support, financially and through prayer for each of these participants. You truly are making an impact in their lives and subsequently, this will add value to your life, we can guarantee this!

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