The Real Underlying Flaw


You know when people ask you,

“If you could change one thing about yourself what would that be?”

Well I found that one thing!

I don’t truly believe God is good!



Why can I not accept the one truest thing that God is? Why can I know of Gods goodness not really believe it with all my heart?

I need to get the bottom of this mystery and when I do figure this out I want this revelation to be so EPIC that I will never be able to deny that GOD IS GOOD!


I know God has so many plans for me and He will revel them in His time but until then I want to do everything in my power to believe in this larger-than-life goodness and I will run till I can run no longer because this is the one thing that needs to change in my life.

It has been brought to the light and I am so ready to receive this gift of enlightenment. And when I do I will definitely be posting about how epic it was!

BE EXCITED! Because I am.


But until then I will leave you guys with little teaser about Gods goodness…

“God does not justify the wrongdoing and the ugliness of this world,


To be continued…… 

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