What in the heck are we doing??

This is on behalf of my whole team. It was brought to our attention that we hadn't writtin a blog of the gritty day to day ministry that we do here so here's an explination. I hope this answers more qestions then it creates. 🙂 Here's the break down. 

An average day here at SHE in Thailand.

8:30 AM – Bible Study with the staff, Thai's and everyone else.

10:00 AM – Team time. Consisits of a few different things, changes every now and then.

12:00 PM – Lunch! mmmm! Thai food made by SHE staff.

1:00 PM – Prayer walking/Manual Labour.
Depending on which day of the week it is I'll do one or the other. Our team of seven is split up into two smaller groups. (Radha, Gloriel, & Jalin Irene) & (Autumn, Kendra, & Allison) My group is prayer walking Mondays and Thursday's. Wensday's we all go to the land and no one goes to Bangla.

5:00 PM – Dinner! Yay, spicy food! (again cooked by SHE staff)

6:00 PM – Meet with prayer partener. For however long you need to.

7:30 PM – Team time again – (this doesn't happen everyday, it depends if prayer parteners goes long)

8:00 PM – Worship!! (one of my favorite times of the day!)

9:00 PM – Get prayed over and leave or Bangla Rd

11:30 PM – Leave Bangla

12:00 PM – Debrief with team

1:00 AM – Go to bed 🙂 lol

Bible study rotates who leads it, it's always one of the team memebers. At least two or three have to go in the morning. It's a little easier now since the world racers are here so we can all get a little more sleep. 🙂 It generally consists of a basic lesson, and prayer.

Prayer walking is a vital part of ministry, two or more people can go. Catching the bus at 1 to Patong.  Walking the street, praying for it – praying for that night – praying for specific visions or words from God – and for the teams headed out that night.

Manual labour is going to "the land" as we call it It's the future site of SHE there are construction projects, landscaping and a bunch of other random odd jobs to be done.

Meeting with our prayer parteners is a time of accountability, praying for each other, and just deep fellowship and talking about what God has been saying and where He's taking us.

Worship is another extremely vital part of ministry. We are getting ready to head out into what can sometimes be some pretty intense spiritual battle. One important part of preperation is preparring your spirit through worship.

Ministry on Bangla wasn't what I thought I was heading into when I got here. But God knows better and so do the missionaries here. We walk the street once and pray. Listening to see if God's directing in any sort of way, and then following through. Sometimes though He doesn't give us specific directions. So we just walk the streets and take an opportunity if it shows itself. If not then we pray, or worship.The bars are all open, you can see everything that's going on in them from the road. So to be safer and smarter for us those are the only ones were allowed to go in.  

When we go into one we'll sit down and order a soft drink or some water. And then start talking to whatever girl brought us in. Just ask her questions about her, her family, her likes and dislikes vs only being interested in her body. Tell her she's beautiful, and just befriend her. Sometimes it's different. There have been times where teams have walked in and been able to completely lay out the gospel to them. Sometimes teams set up a time to see her again. Sometimes it's hard for her to understand English so we play a game or something, get her name and leave. Anyone we meet is placed on our prayer board so it's important to remember the name.

Debrief is pretty self explanitory but it's just a time to recap and process through everything that happened. Some nights are crazy and some are "boring" but in all if you look for it you can see the change one Bangla and you can see God move.

Hope this is helps how you can pray for our ministry more as a whole. Meanwhile getting a glimpse of our day to day.

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