I've never been more physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted, but I've also never been more in love with MY Prince. I've never been more in love with the thought of dancing with Him for an eternity. What an amazing illustration of His divine love for each of His princesses. And what an amazing thought to know that He loves each of the bar girls that I witness to at night JUST as much. But His heart is broken for them, He longs to hold them, nurture them, breathe life into them.


They are bound by the spiritual chains that satan has locked them into. The other night as I walked down Bangla road, I asked God to show me His heart. And suddenly I wasn't standing on Bangla anymore. I was in a spiritual place, it's dark and dusty like a scene from a horror film. Everyone standing around me on the road is still around me but God reveals the chains that hold them down. Each of them is bound. Every vendor, tourist, bar girl, EVERYONE is bound. Seems hopeless right?


The answer is in fact NO, it's not hopeless. Because My Jesus has the victory already!! When I walk on Bangla road, I walk on conquered ground. God's heart may be broken but that's not because He hasn't won the war against the principalities that deceive us into defeat. 


There is hope creeping into Bangla road and revival is going to burst through the cracks that have begun to open up from the roar of the Lion of Judah. 

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