Wrecking my privileged life

I’m a people watcher, I love to see people’s reactions to things, study the way they carry themselves, how they look at/ act around certain people, basically get to know them by their actions. I have seen so many things and different people in Thailand. Just walking around the mall and sitting in Starbucks I have seen couples, married or not, angry people, people laughing, crying, presh lil’ tinnies, men in speedos (yuck!) Girls who are self-conscious and girls who look like they have all the confidence in the world, men checking out women, people in really nice clothes, some with almost no clothes, I’ve seen people eating, spilling stuff, smoking, picking their nose.. I’ve seen a lot today… But what gets me the most is looking at people and seeing how lost they are, how they are lacking love, and not just any love, but Christ. They are so lost, and it breaks my heart… They don’t even know what they are missing out on. You have no clue how many men I have seen buying women like they are objects, not humans. Yes, most of the women are working in the bars by choice, but if you ask them why they are there the most common answers you will get is “to put my children through school, to help my family, and to survive.” HOW SELFISH AM I? The other night Mrriah, Amber, and I stayed up until 4am talking, sharing our hearts and one of the things we talked about is how spoiled we are. We get to grow up going to school for free, and I can’t even count how many times I have complained about going to school, or lied just to get out of going. (These women are selling their bodies so their children can go…) Not only do we have toilets that flush toilet paper, but we have REAL toilets. (Not squatty-potties…)  We complain about our jobs all the time (but they are being abused in multiple ways, just so their family could have food on the table every day…) Most of have cars, and make more money than more than half of the world. WHAT AM I DOING? I want to please the Lord, not my flesh.

“Earthly things don’t matter they just fade and shatter when we’re touched by love divine.” –open up the sky by deluge

I am so thankful God called me here to make a difference! Please pray for boldness as I share Jesus with the people of Thailand.

God Bless

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