You Are My Sunshine

Due to the fact that my middle name is Sunshine I have had multiple people sing "You are my Sunshine" to me throughout my life.

"You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine.

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

You'll never know dear how much I love you.

Please dont take my sunshine away."

Ever since I was young everyone has told me that my name fits me perfectly, because I am so bright and Joyful. Until this week my comprehension of the importance of my name was unknown to me!

My team walked down Soi Sea Dragon Monday night and we stopped at a bar to talk to a few girls. The whole time I noticed one younger looking girl staring at me so after a little while I went and talked to her, she told me her name was Gov, then she instantly says, "You are so happy, so so BRIGHT. You are beautiful and you light up all around. Your smile is so BRIGHT. Everything about you is BRIGHT." As we talked she over and over would say how BRIGHT i was and how joyful I looked to her. SHE SAW THE LIGHT OF CHRIST IN ME!

This encounter made me realize that all this while I have had "You are my sunshine" sung over me and the whole time I should have been singing those same words to my sweet Savior!

He is the Sunshine and light within me.

He makes me happy each and everyday

I will never know how much He loves me

Lord, please fill me with your sunshine!

We went back on Wednesday and Gov was there. We talked to eachother for a while and she told me how the only reason she worked in the bar was to send money home to her beautiful two year old baby girl. I asked her about a boyfriend and Gov told me that she just wants someone to love her because she has a beautiful heart, not body. "I have men everynight but thats not love, they make me sad and I do not like what they do, but I have to have money.'' I remember hearing that and my heart sank… I was overwelmed with sadness and compassion. Then she said, "we should go to the beach together during the day when I dont have a customer," and all my sadness turned in to praise and hope! Gov loves me and I love her! We get to meet up tomorrow for lunch, shopping and the beach! Thank you JESUS! Thank you for shining through me! Thank you for remaining faithful!

Oh and for those of you who read my last blog, the first thing we saw when we walked on to Bangla Road Monday was that the first glass box was empty, which was an answer to prayer. We then stopped at the next box that had a girl and prayed and when we began praying the girl left the box and didnt return until we said amen. That was just a little encouragement from Abba.

God, fill me with your beautiful sunshine so you can empty it out in Thailand through me! I love you Lord!!!

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