Flight KE 036

January 19th or 20th (This whole time change thing is messing me up…)     There's no turning back. I am on the plane. Ready to go on a journey that will change my life forever. I am so excited!! (I use two exclamation points because I really am!!) I am trying to imagine what I will feel like four months from now. What will have changed?  I just don't know. This voyage is nothing like anything I have ever done.     Completely new. Completely different. Completely nerve wracking. But so completely exhilarating. It's weird because I have never...

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Life for the next 4 months

Well, the trip has finally arrived and there are so many emotions going on inside of me! I have never experienced so much fear and anxiety than the moment I stepped away from my family and got on the plane to get to Atlanta. However, I was put very at ease once I met my group and joined with the other groups traveling to the nations. We were greeted at the airport, given an envelope with $25 and an address and told to get there. It was a lot of fun to use our resources and figure out how to get to the Safe House. Well, as about 40-50 college aged students hiked through downtown Atlanta with...

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Set free

I am about to embark on a journey.  A journey that will hopefully and potentially change my life for the better.  (If i let it.)  I am going to spend the next four months of my life living in Thailand and Cambodia with six other people.  I am unsure of what we are going to do but know that it will partially deal with human trafficking.          In overview, i got on a plane flying to Atlanta, Georgia, where i met the wonderful ladies that will be my room mates, and travel companions for quite some time.  Everyone, including the teams...

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