Flight KE 036

January 19th or 20th (This whole time change thing is messing me up…)

    There's no turning back. I am on the plane. Ready to go on a journey that will change my life forever. I am so excited!! (I use two exclamation points because I really am!!) I am trying to imagine what I will feel like four months from now. What will have changed?  I just don't know. This voyage is nothing like anything I have ever done.

    Completely new. Completely different. Completely nerve wracking. But so completely exhilarating. It's weird because I have never really thought about living in Thailand and working there. It's always been, "Ok Shelley, now how are you gonna raise enough money for this trip," or "Ok, you have to be safe in Toronto on your layover going to training camp and then somehow you have to find your team in that huge airport." And then training camp came and I was solely focused on getting through those four-ish days. Now I have to remind myself that this will be my life for the next four months. No matter how nervous or scared I might be. I have to do this because God had called me to something greater. Something bigger then I myself thought that I could do.

    So as my butt is turning numb on this super long flight, I just want to remind you guys to pray for me. I will need it. Sometimes I feel so completely inadequate. How can God use lil' ole Shelley? Pray that I will let God guide me in all things and that I won't be afraid.
                        I love you guys and miss you!
                                ~Shelley <3

P.S. We did arrive in Thailand and all is super swell 😛

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