Set free

I am about to embark on a journey.  A journey that will hopefully and potentially change my life for the better.  (If i let it.)  I am going to spend the next four months of my life living in Thailand and Cambodia with six other people.  I am unsure of what we are going to do but know that it will partially deal with human trafficking.     

    In overview, i got on a plane flying to Atlanta, Georgia, where i met the wonderful ladies that will be my room mates, and travel companions for quite some time.  Everyone, including the teams going to other countries under AIM's Real Life program, all went to a training camp that was over an hour out of Atlanta.
    How do you start to explain the beginning of an incredible journey?  I am at loss for words but filled with so many emotions.  One of the more prominent ones being peace.  To tell a summary feels like such an injustice considering the amount of incredible things that has happened in the matter of 4 days.  But i feel it would be encouraging to know that prisons have been broken, hearts have been filled, and lives restored.

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