a girl named mana

     Words are so empty. There really isn’t much in them. Everyone says actions speak louder than words. But I never really listened to that, never. I would shake my head and be like, “oh, well duh.” Thailand is changing that drastically. many stories could explain why but i will share the story about Mana.
     We were at this children home singing goofy songs, dancing, playing games, and worshiping. They love to be loved, you don’t really have to do much just a smile, and a pat on the back and you instantly have a best friend. When we were done with the night we laid hands on the children and prayed for them.
    I walked over to this girl named mana, instantly I was moved to pray with/for her. while I was praying I had a serious burden on my heart for this girl. Till this day I don’t know what the burden was, but as I started to feel this burden she hugged my legs and put her head on my knees. When I rested my head on hers she moved away and looked at me crying, then we just held each other. We did not speak to one another, we spoke to God in our own languages, which is truly so much more affective. The next day we went to a school, where Mana was. She left before all the other children did and gave her friend a note to give to me the note was in english, and this is what it said:

Hello…..my sister.

How are you today
 and I’m fine Thank you
I glad to meet you
 see you around
 and have a wonderful time
 and have a nice day
“I like you and Love you”
  Have a pleasant journey

Good luck to you!
Thank you very much
take care of yourself
        see you…….bye……
God Bless you and your family

I love my sister forever……..

     We didn’t say anything to eachother, and we both were so impacted, by the love of Jesus that we were able to both understand and share. 

Every time i read that note I thank Jesus for blessing me with a girl named Mana.

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