And I always thought I had 20/20

This is my first blog post. Three weeks in? I will definitely be receiving some "feedback" about that in debrief, given that the number one "don't" for blogging was to not blog. I know our team has shared some encouraging and challenging encounters on Bangla Road already. I am so just excited to see what else He is going to do through the gift of time that we have left here. 
I was recently spending time with the Lord and I heard Him say distinctively, "You are far too nearsighted." I was like…thanks? 
I honestly wasn't sure what to do with that statement. I mean personally never needed glasses, contacts, so that statement didn't really apply? Apparently it did. 
As these past weeks have progressed, the Lord has really shown me my "near-sightedness" in relationships, ministry, family, and my future. 
It's been crazy to be around all these beautiful girls who love the Lord. They challenge me and love me in ways I didn't think I could, would ever, or want to receive love and affirmation. All of us have been burned by our past, but Jesus is so gracious and He has given me 23 dear friends to do life with. It's been so beautiful to see my time in Thailand unfold. At the beginning of the trip I expected to find my one or two close friends on the team and they would be my buddies the whole trip. I mean that's always how it's happened before and so I just expected it. The Lord said, "oh little one you are so near-sighted" and I have seen Him bless me with a relationship with each person on this team. The impact in Thailand so far has shown me that there is going to have to be a lot of patience, because what we are doing is building trust with girls men, people who are in a ton of bondage. The Lord is showing me my near-sightedness even in ministry when I don't see or feel productive or that anything is changing, that He alone can rescue , and He's opened my eyes to the ministry that I have back in Atlanta in the fall, that He had to take me literally to the other side of the world to realize! 
In relationships and family situations back home as well, I have come to the Lord really close minded and recently He has begun to show me what my world can look like through 
risking, living and doing relationships from a place of His acceptance, and forgiveness. I am very confident this is not the first time He has told me this; maybe the first time though I have had ears to hear it? He has shown me with my future there is more than just "A" or "B".  I am so blessed to have a little more than 5 weeks to continue this journey. Please pray that the Lord would continue to strip our team and myself of our expectations, and "entitlements", and to usher in His Kingdom  into Bangla Road. Because we can't see the glory for the trees sometimes…personally I think we are far too nearsighted.


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