Pour out Your Spirit. Let it rain until the bars are flooded with Your presence. Until the darkness that's suffocating us right now is eliminated by Your light and your love. Drown every lie that tries to creep into the minds of the girls dancing and the men watching.

Let your all consuming fire fall down. You are calling us to call these people out of the ashes of their broken lives. We walk in victory tonight and we speak with authority. We can dance down these streets tonight with rejoicing because the battle is won.

These bars belong to you.
The hearts of these girls belong to you.
The hearts of these men belong to you.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is THERE IS FREEDOM. And we have that Spirit living inside of us. 

This was our prayer today as me and three other girls prayer walked on Bangla Road. As we approached one of the streets, we were suffocated by its darkness. But as we began to pray, people in the bar in front of us began to get up and leave, a car that was parked in front drove away, the heaviness was lifted off our chests, and I believe the darkness that was suffocating us began to drown in the presence of the Lord. 

When we go back to the bars tonight, we are going to sing. Literally sing  out to God. The bars are so loud that no one will hear us, but the demons that roam those streets will. The spirit inside me that cries out to God for the freedom of these men and women has the power to chase out the one that's been lying to them.

The darkness that dwells in those bars is suffocating,

but the light that brings the love of God breathes new life. 

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