break every chain

Last night as we were worshipping, we sang the song "Break Every Chain" 
The lyrics are this:

There's power in the name of Jesus,
There's power in the name of Jesus,
There's power in th name of Jesus,
To break every chain
break every chain
break every chain.

When we got here Sunday night, I'll admit I was feeling very apprehensive about going to Bangla road to do our bar  ministry. I kept thinking, "how on earth can I see human beings being bought & sold & it not absolutely rip me apart?"

But through much prayer and words of our hosts here & my teammates, I know that God's strength will prevail.

Liz and Amanda are 2 of the people on staff here at SHE (the ministry we're working with & staying at here in Phuket) and yesterday morning, they gave us cards with our names & the meanings of our names. They told us that our names speak something important about us. 

Kendra means "greatest champion" and "bold power" and that means that in Christ, I have STRENGTH and authority to do all.

So, I no longer feel apprehensive about going to Bangla road. I KNOW that through Jesus, I have the strength to see the atrocities and still be able to reach out and love those broken people.

Another song we sang last night says, "I may be weak, but your Spirit's strong in me"

God WILL work through our team to BREAK EVERY CHAIN of slavery, lust and sinful desires.
God is so good and now I'm fully ready to shine His light on that dark, dark road.


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