Can I get an amen?

Hello world. Well here we are, the last night in Chiang Mai. It's day 54 of this journey, and is all I can say is wow. In that 3 letter word comes along memories, laughter, pain, revelations, new things that have been learned, joy, peace. All things. You think of it, it probably happened. I can't even begin to describe what these last 54 days of my life have looked like, I still can't comprehend all that has happened. Here is what I do know.. I know that I watched God answer my prayers as He broke my heart for what breaks His. I befriended women working in the bars even men who were customers. I played with little children in the slums who weren't afraid to get dirty or live without an iPad or the newest cell phone. They probably don't even know what that is ( but that was part of the goodness, they didn't have to, they had joy no matter what) I ended up in a village 4 hours away for a week and got placed in a home with a loving family. I've made a fool out of myself with trying to speak Thai and fix the language barrier. I went to the hospital for my ankle ( don't worry it's all good and is in the process of healing right now). I've done so much and that's just a small tiny bit of what my summer has looked like. Here is what I can say to all of that, God is good. He is here to show me he is present everyday of my life. I have learned incredible but yet the most simplest of things while I've been here. But friends and family, I am closing this chapter of my life now because there is more, so so much more God wants to show and teach me. We sometimes grow in seasons and even though I am sad and tears continue to fall from the left side of my face, this season is coming to end. I am entering a season of grieving over losses, stepping into the re entry process, experiencing new and exciting things, and applying everything I have learned and seen back home with me. To all of my family and friends and even strangers that I never met, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to get me here. You challenged me in a way that God knew I needed to be challenge and he used all of you to send me here. It was like you came to Thailand with me, not physically of course, but I get to share my journey with you as if you lived it with me. To my team.. I can't begin to even say how I feel at this moment, knowing its our last night together in this beautiful city. Thank you for the support with my foot, for all of the snap chats, teaching me how to abrieve, the feedback, the laughs, the tears, the coffee dates, late night movies, and just living life with me and loving on a way I didn't understand or think was possible. Whether we live on the west, east, or south coast, just know that all of you have a place in my heart. You will always be my teammates and friends. You will always be my sisters. You will be  women of God that I will and already look up to. You will be role models to people in need of that. You will be people who shine the light wherever you go. I love you guys and am going to miss you very much. As the tears come down, I say this see you later friends. Can I get an amen for all that we just went through and for how awesome God is?? 

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