Declarations of a Copy Cat


Truth that is verbalized.

You may not believe what you are declaring. 

But truth is truth.

Unbelief doesn’t change truth.

If you don’t believe what you are declaring,

keep speaking.

You’re heart will eventually follow your words.

Because words are game changers. 

This week I went to a northern village.

I was surrounded by rice fields and mountains.

Ice cold bucket showers. Squatty potties. Bugs. Mystery food. No fans. No WIFI. No plans.  

I loved simple, village life.

The best day for me was Thursday. 

I was tired from our crazy day on Wednesday.

I was looking forward to a quiet afternoon, alone, in the rice fields. 

Then two little girls came out of no where. 

We ended up laughing, playing games, and playing guitar together for 3 hours.

I thought they would become tired and leave once we walked to the rice fields.

But they stayed and we played for 2 more hours. 

I don’t know Thai. They don’t know English. 

We communicated by hand gestures and laughter.

We were sitting in a grass hut in the rice fields when they started mimicking what I said in English.

It was a hilarious game of copy cat and they had absolutely no idea what they were saying when they repeated the English coming out of my mouth.

So why not take that opportunity to say declarations, right?

As we walked through the rice fields, hand in hand, these were some of the things I said and they repeated: 

“I am beautiful” 

“I am loved” 

“I have a purpose”

“God loves me”

“I am holy”

“I’m gonna change the world”

I will never forget when the 7 year old I had seen smiling from a safe distance all week held my hand and said “I’m gonna change the world”.

This girl only knows life inside this small, Thai, Buddhist village. Based on stats, she has probably either seen or been abused in some way.

The likelihood of her working in the bars in Chiang Mai in 10 years is high.

But when she said those 5 words, they carried so much weight. 

Even though she didn’t know what she had said,

I was taken aback by the strength in her words.

She made me believe she was going to change the world.

That’s because it doesn’t matter what language truth is spoken in. 

Truth carries power.

We have the ability to speak life and death

over ourselves

and others. 

Even if she didn’t know what she was speaking over herself, 

I knew what I was speaking over her. 

I am convinced

one day…

this at risk daughter,

living in a country full of abuse and exploitation,

will escape the destiny the world has given her,

step into her real one,

and change the world.



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