Bar Ministry

For the next two months we will continue to live in Chiang Mai, two blocks               from the red light district. The street is full of bars where women, children, and ladyboys can be purchased as easily as a bottle of beer.  It’s sad that we live right around the corner from such a dark place; yet being so close brings home how real it is. In the low season (right now), there are 5,000 people ‘working’ in the red light district; during high season that number increases to 20,000.

Our team goes into the bars with the goal of building relationships with the men, women, and children there.  Our hope is that we can show them Christ’s love through our actions, and not simply with words. Each evening that we do bar ministry we prayer walk in either the morning or afternoon, preparing for ministry that night.

In the evening we follow the Lord’s direction, going into the bars we feel Him calling us to.  We order a pop and start a conversation with the women working there, the bartender, or sometimes with then men visiting. Our hope is that we can create relationships with them and spend time with them outside of the bars (for coffee, lunch, etc.) getting to know them better, and sharing God’s unconditional love with them.

This is where you can help. Our budget doesn’t cover the cost of buying pops to talk to people in the bars, or the cost of taking them out for coffee or lunch.  If you have a heart for the ministry that we’re doing here in Chiang Mai and would like to help, we are trying to raise a little extra money for this purpose.  To help our team you can donate online using Paypal, and enter [email protected] where it says 'their email'.  


Thank-you for your continued prayers, they are greatly appreciated. Any donations we receive are greatly appreciated.

Abby, Adriana, D'Anna, Jade, Juliette, Lauren, Maria & Seraphina 

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