The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth

Our Father all of heaven roars Your name?

Sing louder let this place erupt with praise

?Can you hear it the sound of heaven touching earth?

The sound of heaven touching earth


??Spirit break out

?Break our walls down

?Spirit break out

?Heaven come down


I dare you to listen to this song and tell me it isn’t powerful. I firmly believe that heaven touches Earth all around us everyday, and the more we look for it, the more we see it. There have been several times in my life where I know I have seen the heavens touch the earth- times where I’ve seen and felt the presence of God, times that are just a little taste of the indescribable heavens we will one day experience. Here are just a few of these precious moments I treasure:

Super Saturday, when my team danced, sang and celebrated Jesus with hundreds and hundreds of African people under the Ugandan stars

Making new friends who understand my soul and push me closer to Jesus, especially this girl

Watching my parents love each other and love life

Joseph’s smile


When I get ice cream with my Dad and we talk about life


When the children from Sumbuwunga, Tanzania carried me on their shoulders after our last night of ministry and I felt the Lord saying He was so proud of me.

Exploring with the one I love


Today I once again saw the heavens touch the Earth, through love showed to me by two of my Thai friends I met in the bars. The Lord’s sense of humor and sweet sweet spirit NEVER cease to amaze me. I’ve been abundantly blessed in my life, yet the Lord keeps showering me with His love, both through His spirit and through His children. Today was an extra special day for that.

Lauren, Ashley and I were planning to meet with June* and Ming* to take them to lunch and love on them, but they were over an hour late because they stopped to buy me gifts! Through some miscommunication, they thought it was my birthday! We tried to explain that it wasn’t actually my birthday, but they were excited and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE birthdays and surprises, so I was so excited…so we just went along with it. Celebrating my birthday overseas has always been on my bucket list, and today with two girls dear to my heart and two new friends, I got to! We had ice cream (my favorite!) and took them to the mall, and we got to love on them while they loved on me, it was such a sweet, joyful moment!

I still truly can’t wrap my mind around it. For just a few hours, we got to spend time with girls who are forced to sell themselves every night for just a few dollars. We got to show make them feel beautiful and wanted and love them how the Lord does, while in the very same moments our Father was using them to love on me. I’m blessed to be a blessing.

I am reminded of 1 Corinthians 5:5-6 MSG “The Spirit of God whets our appetites by giving us a taste of what’s ahead. He puts a little Heaven in our hearts so we never settle for anything less. That’s why we live with such good cheer!”

My prayer is that the joy we shared with June and Ming today will plant seeds in their hearts. I hope they will also treasure those precious moments, and at some point come to see them as moments they saw heaven touch earth, as moments when Jesus was loving on them and used them to love on me.

I challenge you to ask the Lord when times were when you’ve seen the Heavens touch the Earth and celebrate them! One of the things we are learning as a team is that nothing is too small to be celebrated, and we love rejoicing in the small miracles all around us; it spurs us on in this spiritually dark place. Thank Him for the fresh doses of His presence he offers daily, and wait expectantly as he shows you more and more of His kingdom. Celebrate life and be refreshed! 

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