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I am reading a book called Terrify No More it is about an organization that does a lot of work in Southeast Asia to free people from modern day slavery. This includes men and women who are trapped in work camps working to pay off a debt that will never go away, children who work in unimaginable conditions rolling cigarettes, and girls who are tricked or coerced into working in brothels. The challenge the people in this organization are up against seems to be too hard with too many obstacles, yet they press on to work for freedom and to bring justice to the many that have no hope.

One chapter compares God to a father. This father asks his little kids to carry in the suitcases from the car and bring them in the house. The kids protest and say “but Dad, some of those suitcases are too heavy for us to carry!” the loving father responds “I will help you with the big ones; I just want you to bring in the ones you can carry.” So when the Dad goes out to the car and sees that the heavy suitcases are still there, he is not upset or disappointed with the work his kids did. They did what was asked of them and the Dad was responsible to take care of the big stuff.

This is what God asks of us as well. He knows that some things are just too heavy and we won’t be able to carry everything. All he is asking is for us to carry what we can and if it gets to be too heavy He is there for us. We can attempt to carry things that are too heavy and go as far as we can but He is ready to help when we just can’t take one more step. God doesn’t expect us to solve the whole problem, He knows that we are going to need help and He is there waiting to lend a hand.

This book has opened my eyes to the reality of what thousands of people experience as they wake up each morning to face another day of bondage. With knowledge comes responsibility. I know God is not asking me to solve the issue of sex trafficking, exploitation, and prostitution in Chiang Mai. He is only asking me to do my part. He is asking me to pray, to love, to care for his children who are lost and hurting in the red light district.

What I am responsible for is to do something- and I am going to do just that.


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