I've met more people here that don't like Dumb+Dumber than I have in my whole life…seriously, it's a phenomenon. I'll make a reference+I either get nothing, or someone slams the movie- I'm shocked…and have taken this to heart as further proof that me+Asia are like cats+dogs,World Racers+hygiene,Whitney Houston(RIP)+Bobby Brown, Crocodile Hunter+sting rays(honorable mention because someone got stung by a sting ray here last week, couldn't resist while on the RIP role)

Aspects where I'm feeling Asian persuasion: Thai tea stand I visit daily(50 cents for a delicious treat, stick that in your frappuccino and smoke it Starbs), coconuts- yes please… a double whammy-drink+food when you can scoop out the stuff inside, nasaly language that I'm getting pretty good at mocking.

Besides the above list(don't judge me that it's mostly food), I feel like God uses lots o' things to remind me that I belong here now. One of those things= this sign I see on the way to Bangla Road every time we go. It's a huge,orange+says, "APK"(my initials)


Every time I see those three letters it's like a sucker punch-double takin'-kick in the head. It makes me feel thankful. It makes me remember that God's thoughtful and that He cares…enough to put that stupid sign there that's like a "you're OK, I see you" kinda thing. He's mindful of individuals-of one's like me,you, my team, the Thai girls we talk to every night.

I was recently reminded,like this APK sign reminds me, of the heart of God. The pursuit of God. He draws us back in creative ways. Bringing us, leading us, calling us, asking us, begging us, yelling for us, whispering to us. His heart is redemptive, brings such good from such bad. He's forgiving, inviting.He is the One that goes after the one-the me's+the you's.


When our team goes out to build relationships with the bar girls I feel like we are that verse that says," I'm sending you out like sheep among wolves." Then, because of the sheference (sheep reference), I'm reminded of the story where Jesus said to leave the 99 to find the one sheep gone astray…

I need reminded that God's concerned about one's. He cares for everyone, but in that He's got his eye on individual hearts+is working in them to bring them back to Him.