On the road again.

If I could sum up the past three weeks in one word it would be change.


Coming home is never easy and this time proved to show the most change, in me and in those around me. Because I knew I'd only be home for three weeks, I didn't really settle in. Being home consisted of resting, seeing friends/family and support raising. God is always faithful and allowed me to raise all the money needed for this trip and see most of the people I wanted to spend time with.


At this point, I'm ready to go. I'm happy I get to spend time with friends in GA and relax before I head out again.  I'm anticipating my arrival in Thailand and building friendships with the Thai people and my wonderful team of women. Most of all, I'm anticipating a season of constant intercession, deeper intimacy with the Lord, more of God and less of me. It's exciting to think this won't be my last time leaving home, more so waiting for the Lord to plant me in a new place I can call home. 


Please pray for me as I head out, pray for health and healing over my body! Pray that my team would be completely unified in the name of Jesus and pray also that I would trust the Lord to equip me in whatever the circumstance.

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