What theee…

            I can't help put laugh at the fact that there have been points in my life (ahem, the last twenty years) that I've thought I had it all figured out. For example, I have proclaimed many a time that never would I ever blog- whoops.  This first week at Real Life training Camp was just another reminder that I have so much to learn.

            For instance, I thought I loved camping but when we arrived the first night and they told us to grab three things and we wouldn't be back until the morning, I started to question this so called "love." The questions continued as we laid on a tarp in the middle of the woods with no blanket, freezing my booty off. I also thought I wasn't a big cuddler with people I don't know, little did I know that I would wake up spooning with three girls I'd just met for body heat! The Lord used that miserable night for His purpose, of course, to make us laugh (it's never too soon) and to show me my underlying sense of entitlement I hadn't yet realized existed. I felt like I deserved a bed, a blanket, MY stuff.  The Lord showed me that I think I deserved all these things when He is the one that provides and He is the one that gives us all that we have. Not to mention we're really spoiled compared to every nation to which He's called us.

            Next, I though I was starting to know what it was to walk my life in faith until I met those 23 smiling faces in the Chattanooga airport. They have already humbled me so much by their faith that could move mountains. They love so well and listen with such discernment and worship with such abandon. They've left me desiring to learn from them to know Jesus outside of the box I've put him in. I'm struggling, too, with the fact that it's culturally inappropriate here to laugh or talk loudly in public- they're too funny not to!

            I thought I knew what it was to fly…until we flew for 21 hours straight! Ever heard of elephantitis? Couldn't even find my achilles, my feet and ankles were so big! Other than the excessive weight gain in my lower phalanges, it was actually great overall.

            I thought I'd seen bad drivers-until I almost got run over by cars/motorcycles/cement trucks. No where is a cross walk and everywhere is a crosswalk. It's like a constant game of chicken-unfortunately the vehicles might win in a head on collision.

            Lastly, I thought I'd had good asian food until I tried stuff from the street vendors here. Delicious and super cheap! We each have 30 baat, or $1 for each meal and believe it or not, it's perfectly sufficient!

            We'll be here in Bangkok (yep, our trip has been JUST like the Hangover 2) another day or so and then are headed off to Phuket for the remainder of the trip. If you haven't seen it, google pictures of it to see how blessed we are going to be! Pray for me if you would, as we approach time for ministry. The more real it becomes, and the more we pray for the women we will meet, the more my heart breaks for each one of them as I imagine how much Jesus is hurting for them and wants them to be free and understand their worth. It's a dark place and I just ask for armor of God but know that He walks before us and will be our rear guard.

            Thanks for tuning in, I'll update when I can!

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