For the Love of Ants

Ants are everywhere. They are in your clothes, food, drinks, shoes, bed, hair and much more. It’s SO hard to get rid of ants. You spray bug spray and 5 minutes later they’re back. We’ve gotten to where we spray them with hairspray and paralyze them long enough so that we can sweep them up. And they STILL come back.
I am slowly learning to have a love for ants. The sweet family down the street has a drink stand and there are ants crawling all over it. Unfortunately, I have a love for slushies so I get at least 2 drinks a day… Recently there have been ants in our drinks and some people have stopped buying drinks from them. Little do they know, that if it wasn’t for us buying her drinks she wouldn’t have the money to feed her family. Our team provides her monthly income by being frequent customers.
Therefore, if ants are in my drink, I will drink them. The sweet lady down the street works her butt off to provide for her family and she is trying her hardest to fix our drinks perfectly. I love this lady so much. Ants are a part of her drink stand so I’ve also learned to love the ants. Please keep this family in your prayers. They have been such a blessing to me and I am so passionate about loving them! 

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