God IS.

Thursday was a really tough day!
I felt empty and just out of it on our prayer walk to Bangla Road during the day so i knew that ministry that night was going to be so difficult for me. However, when we got there that evening it turned into something really great and beautiful. Very first thing that happened was prayer, we stopped and knelt on the ground before entering satans playground and just prayed for encouragement. As we prayed a 12 year old girl selling an arm full of flowers names Cola walked up to us and said, "Phra Yesu" which means Jesus. She told us that God told her to come and tell us what she saw, so she did. "Phra Yesu is standing in the middle of you guys. I see Him. He is standing right here." As she said this she formed a cross with her body and pointed to the scars that peirced Jesus in his hands and feet. Thailand is so far from being a christian nation but this little girl was so full of the spirit of the Lord, i was blown away by her boldness and faith. She told us that Christ lives within our hearts and he will never leave! IT WAS SO COOL! Thank you Jesus!
After this we were so drunk on the holy spirit that nothing could tear us down and so the rest of the night went really well (other that a 40 year old european hitting on me–which was SICK). Towards the end we saw a friend named Yo. She is so full of life and spunky and just really sweet. When we went to see her she was dancing on a pole and we had her come down to talk to us but immediatley she had to go back up and dance. Alexa and I were sitting there talking and just didnt want to see her dancing sexually anymore so we got up and showed her how American white girls dance! We did the sprinkler, running man, lawnmower, disco stuff, and many other crazy silly dance moves and she started mimicking the moves we were doing. It was so awesome! We starting singing "My God is So Big" as loud as we could scream it and doing motions to it! It felt like everyone around us were looking as us as if we were insane! But it was beautiful to see the innocense in her. We could tell that Yo really loved us too, you should have seen the look in her eyes when we told her we arent leaving for another three months! She could hardly contain her joy.
By the way, an update about Gov is needed! I went back to see her a few more times and she was terrified to speak to me, more and more each time it seemed like there was greater pressures for her to be sold. So i wrote her a note about her true beauty found in God. Sharon earlier this week told us how Jesus paid in full for us and that He owns us, which means these girls dont need to be sold anymore, and if they just knew that freedom it would be so amazing. So i told Gov that and just told her of the undying love that jesus has for her. I hope that God speaks to her through the note or something because i cant go back to her bar, the owners are getting angry when i am there. So please please please keep praying for my dear friend! 

OHHH and God ended my week by having our bus pass by a garden that was lined with yellow bricks, as stupid as it may be it made me smile and fill full of joy. "Follow the yellow brick road." Kansas you understand the comfort in that!  Thank you Jesus for understanding the comfort in that! I love you my sweet King. Thank you for all that you have done here in Thailand, you never fail! Thank you so much God for BEING. Just being. You are beautiful.

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