How God works through Connect Four

            Sorry about the delay in the blogs, in the business of getting into the routine of life something things are just forgotten and blogging is one of them. My team has gone out twice so far this week and will be going out tonight. Every night there have been battles and victories and we have been able to see how God is working through all of them.
            One such victory is a woman named La. We walked into the bar where she works on Monday night and she was there sitting on the cooler and just watching all the other bars and girls. I walked up to her and her face seemed to light up but I could see that it was only the mask that I had already seen on a lot of bar girls that night when a customer comes up to them. I sat down and order my drink and started asking her about her life and she proceeded to give me rehearsed answers about how much she loved it because it’s a party every night and she gets to drink for free. I asked her if we could play a game and she then proceeded to woop my tail at about 6 games of connect four (if you need a humbling experience, I suggest playing connect four or the nail game with a bar girl). We proceeded to play a game of jenga and I continued to get short rehearsed answers to my questions and continued to get discouraged. After that our time at that bar was up and so I paid the bill and told her that It was great meeting her and that we would be back this week; she flashed me a fake smile and went on with what she was doing. Despite the lack of excited connection I still felt a draw to her and I knew that I was going to be going back to try to break that shell.
            We went back to see La on Wednesday night and she saw me from the next bar over and her face lit up like a child at Christmas! I motioned to her that I would be over there in a few minutes and when I made my way over there she exploding in telling me about her day and her family and her plans and what she wants to do with her life. It was so crazy to see the complete 180 that had happened in this woman. We had a great time of talking and laughing and joking that no bar game was needed. We were simply two friends having a great time despite the darkness all around us.
            I get to go see La again tonight, and I am so pumped to get to hang out with my friend again! God has given us a love for these girls that is indescribable.


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